Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Level 4


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The fourth level is the home of the peaceful trolls and the Knights of the Order of Crux Ansata. Strangely enough some of the most frightening fiends have changed their behaviour and are acting mellow. This level is also the key to three further talismans.


  • Knights of the Order of Crux Ansata (human, friendly (except one))
  • Trolls (friendly (most of them))
  • an Outcast (human, friendly)
  • a Lizardman (friendly)
  • Headless (hostile)
  • Skeletons (hostile)
  • Giant Rats (friendly (most of them))
  • Bats (friendly)
  • Mongbats (friendly)
  • a Golem (hostile)
  • Bloodworms (hostile)
  • Giant Spiders (friendly (most of them))
  • a Lurker (friendly)
  • a Gazer (hostile)
  • a Ghost (hostile)
  • Acid Slugs (friendly)

Things you must do

  • Derek the knight needs a good gem cutter. Give him the cutter of Great Coulness which you have received from Goldthirst as a reward for killing the gazer in the mountainmen mine. Derek will give you the code to get a further talisman, the Ring Of Humility in return. The ring is available in level 5.
  • Be a cook of a fine speciality - rotworm stew. Sethar Strongarm the troll is a big fan of this strange delicacy. He will give you dragon scales in return for this meal and it's very hard to win the game without them. Do you remember Lanugo, the green goblin from the first level? He gave you the recipe, the necessary ingredients lie scattered over the already explored levels of the Abyss. Put them (port, a green mushroom and a dead rotworm) into a bowl and click on the recipe - voila, bon appetit!
  • Take heed of Trisch's hint. The knight will tell you about a strange person who is collecting light sources. Once this person did steal the Taper of Sacrifice, one of the talismans you must collect. Oh! This sounds familiar! You have met this person already! It is Zak, the crazy human living one level above. So return to the third level for a while and visit this guy. But be peaceful - just offer some torches and you will get the talisman.
  • Defeat Rodrick the Chaos Knight and get the Standard of Honor from Dorna Ironfist, leader of the Knights of the Order of Crux Ansata. The Standard of Honor is one of the eight talismans of Sir Cabirus. But be warned, Rodrick is a tough guy and not easy to beat. Therefore it's a good idea to explore the level first to gain some more experience points.

Things you should do

  • Talk to Feznor, he will tell you about the sights of this level. These are the Puzzle of the Bullfrog, Silas' Maze with the door of precious levers and the watery area in the west.
  • Become a member of the Crux Ansata. First speak to one of the other knights; when asked if you are a warrior, reply that you are sometimes - when need arises. Then go to Dorna and endure his ceremony. Answer his questions with a pinch of modesty and wisdom. You can trust him and drink whatever he will offer but it's not a shame to confess your fears later. Your are an Esquire of the Crux Ansata now; Dorna will give you two other quests in order to achieve full knighthood. These quests are to recover the Writ of Lorne and the Golden Plate. However - from now on the knights (Cecil, Doris and Kyle) are willing to share their knowledge of some mantras to raise your fighting skills.
  • Find the Writ of Lorne. It's in the locked shrine room in the troll area in the southeast. Rawstag has the key and you must bribe him. Talk with Lakshi about Rawstag and he will give you a hint. Lakshi also knows something about 'Writ of Lorne', 'Sethar', 'Pit' and 'Knight'. Give the Writ to Dorna and he will entrust you with another quest, the recovering of the Golden Plate.
  • Recover the Golden Plate. It lies in Silas' Maze behind the door of precious levers. You can only open the door by flipping its levers in a certain sequence. The inscriptions on the two tombstones in the knight's area are the solution. Heed the sequence of the color of the dots of Sir Lionir's and Sir Avirill's epitaphs. If you still need more information look here. By the way, the entrance to Silas' Maze lies behind a locked secret door in the northwest and only Rodrick owns the matching key. Bring back the Plate to Dorna and he will give you free access to the knights armory.
  • Talk to Oradinar. He will tell you about a pond full of fishes and he is also willing to lend you his fishing rod. You will need this knowledge and a fishing rod later.

Things you can do

  • Solve the Bullfrog Puzzle to get access to the tombs of level 5. There you will find the haft of Caliburn. However - you will get access to the tombs via a secret door directly from the fifth level also. Click here to get hints about how to solve the Bullfrog Puzzle.
  • Explore the watery area in the west. Start from the northeast quarter near the lizardman. Use the spell water walking (Ylem Por) to get access to this area and to an excellent mail shirt too.
  • Enter Sethar's pit and get two runestones along with the undocumented curse spell An Sanct. Don't worry, there is an exit behind a secret door.


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