Ultima Underworld Walkthrough II - Spells


Locations of Spells

The Avatar can learn several undocumented spells during his stay in the Labyrinth of Worlds. Below is a list of what they are and where they can be learned.

Spell Name Runes Description Location
Bounce Uus Des Por Uus Des Por Elastic collisions jumping/moving Castle of Lord British L2: Nystul's lab
Locate Bet Wis Ex Bet Wis Ex Puts you back on the map if lost Ice Cave L2: City of Anodunos
Dispel Hunger Quas Mani Ylem Quas Mani Ylem Gives you that "well fed" feeling Pits of Carnage L1: Zaria
Valor Quas An Corp Quas An Corp Improves combat Pits of Carnage L1: Zogith
Repel Undead An Kal Corp An Kal Corp Cause undeads in front of the caster to flee Killorn Keep L1: Merzan
Frost In An Flam In An Flam Shoots ice balls at multiple opponents Pits of Carnage L1: Iced-over side room
Thick Skin In Sanct In Sanct Provides medium protection Never mentioned in game but you remember the spell from UW
Rune of Stasis In Tym Jux In Tym Jux Sets a time trap Killorn Keep L1: Merzan
Mending Rel Sanct Ylem Rel Sanct Ylem Repairs armour/weapons to "excellent" Prison Tower L5: Armory
Map Area Wis Ex Wis Ex Puts your immediate surroundings on your map Ice Cave L1: Artic Explorers
Enchantment Vas Ort Ylem Vas Ort Ylem Turns weapons/armour "magical", recharge wands Killorn Keep L1: Altara










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