Ultima Underworld II Walkthrough - Interlude I - Back to the Castle


Iolo Dupre Patterson Nanna Nystul Button to teleporter Julia Lady Tory Lord British Syria Nelson Miranda Drought push the button Shortcut You need the key Fissif Coins Headless Knock knock Bedrolls No access yet. You'll get a key later Try to steal and run off Hole 3 Gazer fire Armor Beware of ... Poisoned Down Lake Fishing Rats Magical Scroll Fear the Reaper King of the Rats Wand How to get there? Strange lavafall Blackrock World Dispenser Blackrock Hallway Get the magic Lurker treasure Runestone and armour Ghost treasure

There are more maps available for Castle of Lord British. To call up maps of levels other than the first, click on the dog-eared corners on the right-hand side of the map.
For further information and screenshots explore the map with the cursor. Be careful - even unmarked areas could be sensitive. Please close every little pop up browser window before you initiate a new one.


After your adventure in the plane of the Prison Tower you return to the castle to inform Miranda and your fellow Britannians of your discoveries.

Things you must do

  • Talk to Nystul and show him the small blackrock gem you have discovered in the Prison Tower. Nystul performs a magical spell over it and give you some hints how to use the gem. Go back to the glowing portal gem beneath the castle L5) and use the tiny blackrock gem on the portal gem. The whole plane shudders and as a result the gate to the Prison Tower glows brighter than before. Moreover you notice two facets of the portal gem light up periodically. Enter the northeastern facet of the portal gem when it is illuminated and travel to Killorn Keep.

Things you should do

  • Talk to Miranda. She will direct you to the people you should speak with.
  • Talk to Nanna and agree with everything she say. Be a true working class hero and take her concerns to Lord British to avoid a servants' strike.
  • Visit the trainers of your choice and improve some skills.

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