Ultima Underworld II Walkthrough - Interlude IV - Murder in the Castle


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You return to the castle and receive the sad news about a horrible murder.

Things you must do

  • Visit Nystul. He will magically treat the blackrock gems you have found in Killorn Keep and the Ice Caves. Return to the sewers and use the two gems on the larger gem as you have done before, with similar results - you will get access to two furher worlds. Step through the next new accessible facet to reach the plane of Talorus.

Things you should do

  • Talk to Miranda to inform her of the discoveries you made in the plane of the Ice Caverns. Your conservation will be interuppted by a guard who informs you that Lady Tory has been killed. Talk to the people about the murder. Most of them suspect Feridwyn because of his Fellowship background.
  • You should be strong enough now to kill the headless and the two gazers on level 3. The gazers are guarding some nice items, among others an Ex rune stone and a potion of Basilisk Oil which appears as a colorless potion. Take care of the Basilisk Oil, you will need it later.
  • You should try to get the key to the armoury. The key is hidden in a pile of debris in a pit behind the reaper on level 4. Don't mess with the reaper because it is still very hard to kill. Jump in the pit instead and move to the northwest corner. Turn around and look down to the southeast corner. Be patient and try some angles, the key is very hard to find. Pick up the key, jump out of the pit and run away. You have access now to the amoury, maybe you will find some good equipment there.
  • If you have enough vitality points to take some hits you could try to get the jeweled sword of Major Damage. It is hidden behind a large plant in the southwest corner of the reaper area.
  • Get some black eggshell from the northeast corner of level 4. Be attentive for the dread spiders which will attack you. Maybe you will be poisoned after the battle, a potion of Cure Poison or the similar spell will be handy then.
  • Visit the trainers of your choice and improve some skills.


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