Ultima Underworld II Walkthrough - Endgame


Power has no meaning or value, without virtue.


Your adventure has come to an end. Free the castle and its inhabitants.

The freeing of the castle

  • Back in the castle visit Miranda first as usual. Miranda reports that Nystul awaits you.
  • So you visit Nystul in his chamber. The mage asks for the spellbook and is very relieved as you hand over the arcane book from abroad. Nystul finds an important spell in the book. He believes he will be able now to unravel the Guardian's spell with the help of the text from the spellbook.
  • Nystul needs two more things. What was the place and the time of the original casting, when the Guardian's agent performed the ceremony to bring down the dark gem, which encases the castle? At the very begining of your adventure you spoke with all the people in the castle. Do you remember the information you got from Nell? If not talk to her again - or explore the map. Give the court magician the right answers, so he can complete his calculations.
  • Julia bursts into Nystul's chamber. She informs you that an army of soldiers is pouring out of the gem and is invading the castle. Suddenly Mors Gotha stands in front of you again and attacks you. This time you are able to defeat her for ever. During your fight you see Nystul running towards the throne room.
  • After the fight you follow Nystul into the throne room where the mage is awaiting you already. He asks if you are ready and your answer is, that the time has come to free the castle. Nystul recites from the spellbook and you blow the horn of Praecor Loth, whereupon the dark gem bursts into pieces. Congratulation - once again you have rescued Lord British and the people of Britannia.



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