Ultima Underworld II Walkthrough - Interlude V - The Sceptre of Altara


Another Meeting with Altara

With the amethyst rod (Talorus L1), the egg of a dread spider (Castle of Lord British L4) and the black pearl (Altara) you have now all required items for the crafting of a powerful magical weapon which you need to frustrate the plans of the Guardian. Go back to Killorn Keep and deliver the three components to Altara. The powerful enchantress creates a sceptre by magical means, the pearl-tipped rod of Altara, which she hands over to you.

Altara tells you about the places of power. Each world has exactly one particular place where the Guardian has worked some kind of magic which opened cracks between the worlds, cracks that led to the sites of similar worlds. The Guardian's lines of energy are strung as in a web throughout the multiverse. Altara explains that you must strike the ground with the sceptre wherever the Guardian has performed his magical ceremony, to cut those lines.

You decide to go back to the planes you've visited already to cut the Guardian's lines of power.


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