Ultima Underworld II Walkthrough - Interlude X - Visions of the Ethereal Void


Avatar's vision of the Ethereal Void during sleep under the influence of a dream herb


You will already have visited Mokpo and had an opportunity to hear him speak of his visions. After eating a dream herb[1] you will have visions of the Ethereal Void yourself[2]. If you visit Mokpo thereafter[3] and give him some of the dream herb, he will have further visions and tell you about them. Thou shalt find here a script of his amazing visions that Mokpo has during your first and second visits [4].

Mokpo's visions during your first visit

  • I see it before me now! An endless walkway glowing blue! I leap, and am thrown high into the air... the scene fades... now a golden maze... I scramble up on top of the walls. Now I see the goal...!
  • Fire! A glorious, infernal city, fountains spraying blood, winged demons swoop, I battle through them, and win a deadly sceptre...[5]

Mokpo's visions under the influence of the dream herb

  • A violet world, I make an enourmous leap, now another, now I am sliding, some sort of ramp... AAAHHHH!! 'Tis him! No escape, I must...!
  • Now I am in an old place ... very old.
  • I see a pyramid. I race up and down it, until every block becomes the same color, the color of a place I have seen. At length, I find it becomes a new color...




  1. You remember, dream herb is a strange plant with little pale green blossoms that looks like "X"s, which grows on gravesites. You obtain it the Tomb of Precor Loth (L2, L4)), in Anodunos (Ice Caves, L2) or in the Hall of Losers (Pits of Carnage, L1).
  2. Go to sleep immediately after you have eaten the plant. Otherwise you don't get any vision during your sleep. In your dream you find yourself inside the Shrine of Spirituality. In the centre of the shrine lies another black rock gem. Later, when you arrive here, you are outside of the shrine. You must cast Fly to ascend to the floor level of the shrine and then Portal to get through the surrounding bars into the centre - and a second time to leave the shrine. If you are not an experienced and mighty mage, here is a valuable hint. You cannot take the gem with you in your dreams, but you can move it. Pick up the gem and throw it through the bars. It will be there when you arrive later at the base of the shrine. To cut the line of the Guardian's power with Altara's wand, you must merely get close to the bars. Use the scroll of Fly from Prinx to ascend to the bars.
  3. You must have eaten a plant and got a vision in order to get the option to offer Mokpo a plant.
  4. To get further information, speak with Mokpo again after his first report.
  5. This is an interesting hint. Remember the 'Sceptre of Deadly Seeker' you search for Zoranthus.

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