Ultima Underworld II Walkthrough - Interlude II - Beating the Listener


Miranda Dupre Patterson Feridwyn Julia Syria Geoffrey Strange lavafall The Listener Lava hallway Blackrock World Dispenser

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You return to the castle of Lord British to seek and destroy 'The Listener', a spy which the Guardian has set deep in the rock foundation of the castle, listening to all that transpires there.

Things you must do

  • Goto level 4 of the castle. In the souththeast is a strange lava fall you noticed already during your first exploration. Now you are in possession of Altara's excellent jewelled dagger of Unsurpassed Accuracy, which gives you the feasibility to go further. In a room surrounded by lava you run across 'The Listener' (L4 10). Be sure that Altara's dagger is your equipped weapon because this is the only way to kill the occult imp. After you have slain this creature the dagger will vanish, so equip another weapon.
  • Return to Killorn Keep to inform Altara about your victory against 'The Listener'.

Things you should do

  • Meet Miranda in the great hall of the castle (L1 7). She will direct you again to the people you should speak with.
  • Talk to Julia, Feridwyn, Patterson, Dupre, Syria, and Geoffrey. Nothing special here, just some interesting or funny story elements. No need to talk with Nystul yet. You can show him the new blackrock gem from Killorn Keep later, because you have already access to another world - the Ice Caves. But take care and don't lose this gem.
  • Visit the trainers of your choice and improve some skills.

Things you can do

  • Maybe you are strong enough now to defeat the headless in the northwest (L4 7) to complete the map of this level. You'll find among other items a full lantern and 3 oil flasks there (L4 11).


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