Ultima Underworld II Walkthrough - Interlude III - Back in Killorn Keep


The Meeting with Altara

Go to Altara and inform her about your victory against 'The Listener'. Altara now believes that you are trustworthy and treats you as an ally. The sorceress tells you about a powerful weapon she is crafting. She has already placed a mighty enchantment in a black pearl. Only two components are left to complete the weapon, the egg of a dread spider and an amethyst rod. Altara gives you the black pearl and you promise to obtain the two other components. You get also the runes An, Corp and Quas from her.

Because you are trustworthy Altara is willing to train you in the magical arts (Casting, Mana) now.

You remember the dread spider eggs on Level 4 of the castle but you have no idea where the amethyst rod could be. So you decide to visit another world - the Ice Caves.


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