Ultima Underworld II Walkthrough - Pits of Carnage


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Visit the Pits of Carnage, a barbaric prison for those who become too dangerous for the Guardian. Find further allies to your cause as well as another blackrock gem and important instructions about controlling air demons. Cut the Guardian lines of power with the sceptre of Altara.


  • Humans (friendly, upset, hostile)
  • a Troll (friendly)
  • Ghosts (hostile)
  • a Liche (hostile)
  • an Earth golem (hostile)
  • Giant Rats (hostile)
  • Rotworms (hostile)
  • Vampire Bats (hostile)
  • Cave Bats (hostile)
  • Mongbats (hostile)
  • Rotworms (hostile)
  • Headlesses (hostile)
  • a Hortling (upset, hostile)
  • a Dire Reaper (hostile)
  • Reapers (hostile)
  • Skeletons (peaceful, hostile)

General hints

  • There are three levels in The Pits of Carnage. The prison with the fighting arenas (L1), the upper dungeons (L2) and the lower dungeons(L3). The eastern part of the upper dungeons is only accessible via a bridge, which leads over the main cavern.
  • Beware of the moving platforms (L2, H1) in the southwest corner of the upper dungeons. Head right and you should safely reach the bridge above the cavern.
  • If you are unfortunate enough to fall down (L2, H1) to the lower dungeons, you will reach a rat pit (L3, X1). Exit the pit through a secret door in the northern wall and teleport back (L3, T) to the main cavern (L2, TX) in the upper dungeons.
  • You can gain a huge amount of skill points (20 or more) here.

Things you must do

  • Ironically Dorstag, the mightiest warrior in the Pits of Carnage, possesses the blackrock gem you need. Of course he refuses to give you the stone. There are several ways to get the blackrock gem.
  • If you talk to Dorstag early, he will decline your challenge. You must first gain the respect of the other inhabitants, before he his willing to fight against you. So win some arena fights until the warriors treat you with courtesy. Thereafter speak with Dorstag again. When he tries to lure you to challenge him, imply he is afraid to get another scar. This will make him angry and he will challenge you instead. So you have the right to choose the arena of earth, which is more than likely the easiest place to defeat Dorstag. However - this will be a hard struggle at any rate. If you wish to avoid the fight, there is another way to get the gem (see the following explanation). Keep in mind, you can always return later when you are stronger.
  • An easy way to get the gem is to descend to the lower dungeons and find Blog the troll (L3, 9). If you let him win a couple games of rock, the troll will become your friend. Then go back to level 1 and visit Dorstag again. If you now demand the gem, Blog will appear and take the gem from Dorstag. Talk with Blog afterwards and the troll will give you the blackrock gem.
  • Go to the upper dungeons and find your way through a maze of prison cells (you can traverse the maze by pressing only one button!) and meet Zoranthus (L2, 13). The mighty mage will tell you about his work with air-demons. Pay close attention to his instructions. Obtain the Sceptre of Deadly Seeker for Zoranthus and he will give you a Djinn-bottle in return which you need to win the game. The sceptre is in another world you have not visited yet, so you will come back later.
  • Use Altara's sceptre at the entranceway to the Pits in the centre of the north of level 1 (L1, I7).

Things you should do

  • Help the mage Zogith, who is in search of a Flam rune stone. Give him either the second Flam stone you got from the Scintillus Academy Secure Vault (12, Outer Vault, B1) or the Flam stone from the legacies of the liche in the lower dungeons (L3, 10, I6..8). Zogith will give you the Valor-spell as reward. This mighty duration spell increases the caster's combat statistics significantly for a specified period of time.
  • Get some plate armour from Dorstag's secret room (L1, 13). There is also an enchanted cudgel of Entry, with which one can smash even a massive locked door.
  • Conquer the liche in the lower dungeons (L3, 10). East of the liche room is a hidden secret chamber. Use Reveal (Ort An Quas) or Portal (Vas Ex Ylem) to get access to this chamber (L3, 11). You will find here three colorless potion of Basilisk Oil. You will need a potion of Basilisk Oil to win the game. In case you don't already have one in your belongings, take one!

Things you can do

  • On level 2 is a chest with a Rel and a Jux stone guarded by a very strong Earth golem. You can try to sneak past and open the locked sturdy chest with your fist or to kill the golem first. The golem is a very hard opponent, so using a wand of Deadly Seaker or a wand of Frost or similar means could be very handy.
  • Defeat the dire reaper (L3, 3). Behind the reaper is a room blocked by some large boulders. Use a rock hammer to shatter the boulders. In case you have none, this useful tool can be found in the armoury of the castle of Lord British. You will find a potion of Iron Flesh as well as chain gauntlets of Major Toughness.
  • Check the graffiti on the walls of the Hall of Losers (L1, 6) when you arrive, after you have visited Zoranthus, after you got the blackrock gem with the help of Blog and after your defeat of Dorstag.
  • Get a battle Axe of Great Accuracy (L3, 6). Trigger the lever with the help of a pole to open the outer portcullis. The switch below the lever will open the inner portcullis.
  • Make bets with Jospur and fight in the arena to earn some gold and experience.


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