Ultima Underworld II Walkthrough - Design History


At the end of March 2014, I was tidying up my office and I stumbled across a CD containing several Ultima Underworld II saved games. One of these was the endgame, so it included maps of all worlds and levels. The saved game was pretty old – I solved Ultima Underworld II at the end of May 1997! However, I copied the saved games to my Ultima Underworld II installation folder after re-installing the game. Marvellous memories came back and I made screenshots of all maps and created an outline of an Ultima Underworld II walkthrough using these maps. The maps had only a few remarks in German and I had no other screenshots and no idea of all the details. Therefore I coudn't use these maps for an English walkthrough - so I have replayed the game, collected all the details, took screenshots and exchanged the maps to fill up the outline with all this information little by little.

This walkthrough contains 46 pages with overall 647 screenshots. Most of the screenshots are animated. You can find these schreenshots by exploring the maps - and that makes this walkthrough interactive.

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